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"You're About To Learn 14 Closely Guarded Secrets That Most Real Estate Investors Will Never Know About How To Really Wholesale and Flip Houses Risk Free In Today's Market..."

In this Completely Pitch FREE interview series I put the Wholesaling and Flipping Houses Experts to the Test and get them to reveal:

  • How they are beating the banks, the title companies and all the Nay-Sayers who are screaming that you can't Wholesale or Flip Houses anymore! Listen in as I extract closely guarded secrets they have only revealed to their most inner circle mastermind members - many who are paying them Tens of Thousands of Dollars to gain their knowledge.

  • How to routinely close 3, 4,  7 or up to 12 wholesaling deals a month! You will learn to turn on the machine at will or slow it to a trickle when you want to enjoy your well earned vacation!

  • The Top Reasons Most Real Estate Investors Fail! And more importantly - what these experts KNOW to be true that makes a Successful Wholesaler.

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Here’s the low down of all the presenters and a taste of the exciting strategies that will be revealed:

 Wholesale Expert  #1

Nick CifonieNick Cifonie

The Current host of the popular Real Estate Investor TV

Join us and you'll learn how to:

Talk to a wholesale seller by phone and get the deal or appointment

Use the right words to get the seller to beg you to buy the property

Get the price YOU want, without frustrating negotiations

Overcome seller objections before they bring them up

Conduct an in-home visit ending with a SIGNED CONTRACT

Get the seller to treat you like a welcome guest in their home

Get the seller literally "eating out of your hands" and saying "yes"

Position yourself as the only person who can solve their problem

Get a great deal, with the seller thanking you for helping them

This is information you will NOT find on any CD's, or in any programs or e-books. With over 20 years of telephone and in-home sales, Nick has perfected the art of the sale, and converted it to be used in the real estate investing business... miss this call, and you'll do less deals in 2010!


 Wholesaling Expert #2

Tony ServinoTony Severino

Tony Severino

    * A little-known way to legally exploit and profit handsomely from the renewed home buyers stimulus…

    * A unique way to sell your houses faster and pocket more cash per deal…

    * How to “legally sell” a property but still “keep the deal” and create cash now plus monthly cashflow (without renting or lease options)…

    * How to locate an expert accountant who knows exactly how to help you take full advantage of the tax credit as an investor…

    * How to get the right team behind you to help you benefit the most from the renewed tax credit…

    * A few major pitfalls you must avoid with this (this isn’t hard, but do it wrong and you’re up a creek)

    * And yes, how to get the IRS to mail you an extra $8K check for every house you sell…
    * And much more…


 Wholesale Expert #3

Michael JakeMichael Jake

How to do deals with no money, no credit, no partners and no banks

How to find eager, active buyers in your market right now.

Exactly where to find the best deals without having to do a short sale.

How to get motivated sellers calling you on autopilot

How to screen out the tire-kickers

How to create thousands of dollars of profit for yourself without knowing anything about negotiating

How to identify the best areas to find properties no matter what city you’re in.

Why nobody knows about the hottest properties.

The subtle but deadly differences of dealing with motivated sellers vs. Bank REO’s and how to profit from either one.


 Wholesaling Expert #4

Darius M. Barazandeh, Attorney at Law / MBA  
Here are just a few of the questions I will be asking Darius

1) what are the biggest challenges facing real estate investors today?

2) what is the business life cycle of the average investor?

3) what are the practices that wealthy investors consistently do...

4) what mistakes do unsuccessful investors make?

5) what are the most important and secretive tips you can give us?


 Wholesaling Expert #5

Wade MitchellWade Mitchell

On the call Wade will pull back the curtain for the first time and give you a peek inside his wholesaling business.  You will learn things like:

--Why most investors fail at wholesaling.

--How to build a massive buyers list that guarantees your success.

--How to close more deals through building personal relationships with

--How to talk to sellers and get to a 'yes'.

--How to get your phone to ring off the hook.

--How to smoke your competition by following up the right way.

--Simple steps that make your deals easier to close.

--How to know what to offer on a property.

--Why rent property can be the death of your investing career.

--Tips and tricks that have made a huge impact in my business.



 Wholesaling Expert #6 

Jack MizeJack Mize

Learn the secrets to dominating your chosen market area. Setting up your online lead generating business the right way to attract motivated sellers and hungry buyers.

Setting up your "We Buy Houses" and "Join My Buyers List" squeeze pages has never been easier.

Start opening up lead valves using some of the most powerful resources on the internet. So powerful, most advertisers pay for the privilige. Not with Ninja Leads.

Then we'll quickly let the search engines know who we are and give them the relevent information they crave to start letting sellers and buyers about your business.
You will learn the Ninja way to use online classified ads more effectively than you ever thought possible. Discover why most posters do it completely wrong and be prepared to disover this incredible underground method of free leads.

Craigslist and Backpage are not the only game in town. We'll go over why other, almost unknown classified sites should not be ignored.




 Wholesaling Expert #7

Eric MedemarEric Medemar

Strap on your cash caps and get ready for the ride of your life as you witness the wholesaling wizardry of Eric Medemar. Over the past few years Eric has taken the wholesaling world by storm.

Eric has quite-literally revolutionized the wholesaling CRAPSHOOT methods of yesteryear and now he's here to lay it all on the line in this rapidfire wholesaling session that I'm positive will leave your head spinning. 

As Eric says “No money, no credit, no experience...Who fricken cares, this ain't rocket science folks”.

On this rapidfire profit session Eric will be sharing his:

  • Do This Get Buyers” blueprint that he has personally used to pull in 16 high profit buyers in less than 48 hours. One of which has paid him close $84k
  • #1 Secret to taming a flaming mad seller...Then watch with disbelief as they serve up there hard earned equity on a silver platter.
  • GHOST REFERALL Realtor ninja tactic that instantly transforms cranky lazy Realtors into your puppet on a string.

 Wholesaling Expert # 8

Mark WaltersMark Walters

"Strap on your seat belts and get ready to take some serious notes for my interview with Mark Walters, 3rd generation real estate investor.
When I first contacted Mark to do this interview, I asked him what he wanted to talk about. He said, 'Marketing'. I said that sounded good and what area of marketing would we be focusing on. He told me 'EVERYTHING'!
You will see that's exactly what he did. By the end of this call you will have a marketing model that you can plug any type of target into...Motivated Home Buyers; Motivated Home Sellers, Private Lenders; Wholesale Buyers, Retail name it!'
Since Mark's family has been investing in real estate since 1937, they know that all they have to do is change their marketing message to target what's hot in that particular market and they're still in business...while others are wondering what to do next.
Hang on as this interview is like a fast current and you're bound to get wet with valuable ways to fill your pipeline with Deals, Buyers and Private Lenders!"


 Wholesaling Expert #9

Drew DownsDrew Downs

            Making Your Offer Attractive to the Lender
Keeping Track of Your Offers
            Always have an Exit Strategy
            Title Companies
            Understanding the Option Contract in closings
            Controlling the Property


 Wholesaling Expert #10

Andrew MassaroAndrew Massaro

How to successfully start a wholesaling business – locate cash buyers first

Andrew Will Discuss How To Do this With Bandit Signs

REIA meetings

mailers and voice blast

get lists from “for rent” ads, section 8 websites

how to create a relationship with cash buyers so they buy from you

face-to-face meetings

provide investments with returns, not just houses

be a solutions-provider

And a whole lot more...



 Wholesaling Expert #11

Sean ArnoldSean Arnold

Wholesaling pretty houses has many advantages - here are just a few:

There are many more pretty houses in every city than there are ugly ones!
The Sellers are much easier to find
You can offer to pay more since you are buying on terms
More Landlords will be attracted to pretty houses
More retail Buyers will be attracted to pretty houses
Bottomline - Pretty houses are easier to Buy and easier to Sell!  And, since you are going to flip the property and do not have to worry about being a Landlord - you can purchase properties anywhere.


 Wholesaling Expert #12

Rob SwansonRob Swanson

Rob Swanson remains an active 10+ year veteran wholesaler and has discovered the secrets to thriving in today’s down economy.  Affectionately named by one of his students the “Blue Collar Investor”, Rob has a knack of making the complicated simple by using 3 proven strategies to instantly kick your business into high gear.


Interviewed by CNBC, Forbes Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Business 2.0 and other industry leaders, Rob is a “go-to guy”.  Creator of the 3 Hour Deal, Rob teaches the #1 technique that works every day, in every city in today’s market to find, fund and flip a great deal “from scratch” and make an extra $3,500 per month in 3 hours or less.


Rob runs his business, motivates his team and teaches others the underground techniques rarely taught but used in real-life, each and every day.  Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn:


         3 easy ways to find deals when deals are hard to find

         How doing just 1 deal in 1 city can make you $31,367 a month

         #1 way to outsource and automate your business

         5 little known REO secrets for total domination

         The best deal on demand strategy you’ve ever seen

         2 hidden sources of deals easily worth $12,218

         The insider truth, from an active wholesaler that you won’t find anywhere else..


 Wholesale Expert #13

Trace TrajanoTrace Trajano

Trace Trajano will talk about a little known wholesaling technique that will allow you to get free houses with little to no competition.

Trace specializes in buying houses with building or health code violations.

Trace will discuss how to find them, buy them with no risks (even buy a house for free) and how to sell them quickly. Trace Trajano has acquired and sold over $13 Million in the past 6 years with students in 5 countries.

 Wholesale Expert #14

Mike CollinsMike Collins

Ever wonder how "no-money-down" investing really works...then join this
rare interview with a house-flipping veteran as he lays out his most guarded
secrets from his 25 years and over 800 deals as a full-time wholesaler. 

You'll learn:

-  what neighborhoods to target
-  which properties to target
-  how to find the real value of a deal
-  "sticky-kitchen-table negotiating" 
-  the"earned equity" phenomenom and why it will make a huge impact in your wholesaling business
-  finding your "niche"
-  why right now is the greatest opportunity for wholesalers in the past 25 years.

PLUS At Least 1 Other Wholesaling
and Flipping Experts

Never before has so many Wholesaling and Flipping Houses Experts been brought together with one goal in mind - To show YOU how to generate CA$H and Profits investing in Real Estate-- That's  Cold Hard Cash that you have been leaving on the table, in the banks vault and at the mercy of an uncaring Title Company.  After dispelling these myths… and you are armed with the facts, you’ll turn a quick profit where others would have thrown up their hands

   Pure and simple – this is the Greatest Gold-Mine Of Easy “Make Money Wholesaling and Flipping Houses” Advice Ever Crammed Into One Series.  And the Best Part – It Doesn’t Cost You A Dime To Attend!

These are Strategies that will help you no matter who you are or what you do.  And Best Of All:

No Airplanes

No Hotels

No Stale Food

No Being Away From Your Family and Home

ALL From the Comfort of Your Own Home!

Information about this series has leaked out to the public and I have already had several people demanding to be let in and even tried to give me their credit card information just so they get a front row seat.

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